Power Systems Department

machinesPower Systems Department provides power generation solutions equipment and services in the oil and gas industry. We are a single source provider for wide range of power generation systems and solutions utilizing highly efficient reciprocating gas & diesel engines. We supply the following Products:
  • Gas Engine Generator Sets – range from 8kWe to 4MWe
  • Diesel Engine Generator Sets – range from 5kWe to 2MWe
Valser power generation packages are powered by Cummins, Yanmar, MWM, MAN, and many other engine brand. Our power generation packages are configured to meet client or project requirement including IP55 alternators, secondary starting systems using hydraulic , air or spring starter, fire suppression system, electrical and control interface, EExe and EExd electrical and instrument components and many more. One of our product is Yanmar Gas Engine Generator available for 10kVA and 22kVA rating. These are advanced machine which can run for 8,000 hours to 10,000 hours before requiring a lube oil change or service. This will provide a huge advantage as the unit can run for up to 12 months continuously.   PROCESS SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT Process Systems Department provide engineering (design) including process, mechanical etc., procurement of package components to meet client and process requirement, fabrication, assembly and testing of process systems solution for offshore and onshore oil & gas applications. We are a single source provider and our ranges of process systems product include:
  • Glycol Dehydration Systems
  • Fuel Gas Treatment Systems (incl. membrane)
  • Nitrogen Generator Systems
  • Mercury Removal Unit
  • Sea Water Treatment Systems
  • Condensate Stabilization Package
  • CO2 Removal Systems – Membrane Systems
  • CO2 Removal Systems –Amine Systems
Our packages are designed for compact and light weight suitable for limited space and weight requirement especially for offshore platform.   SCOPE OF SERVICES We focus on total system responsibility, from engineering, to support during fabrication, installation and commissioning. Our scope of services extends well beyond the normal scope of supply which includes:
Ø  Project Management Ø  Factory Acceptance Test
Ø  Engineering Design Ø  Site Installation Support
Ø  Procurement Ø  Commissioning
Ø  Fabrication and Packaging Ø  After Sales Service Support
Ø  Integration to Client System (including control) Ø  Spares Support
  To provide power systems and process systems equipment, we have a fabrication / packaging facility in Nilai. Our facility provides sufficient office and workshop space for storage, fabrication, packaging and testing activity. With a combination of a huge space and high crane capacity, the Nilai facility can easily satisfy the requirements of combined Projects and Operational Base.   PARTS AND SERVICES We also provide parts and field services for maintenance and repairs. Our service personnel are highly trained and readily available immediately upon client request including offshore support service.