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YANMAR 20KW Gas Engine Generator

To develop self-sustaining reliable power for gas production WHP platforms that enhance existing safety performance whilst reducing CAPEX and OPEX by extending maintenance visits up to a period of one year.

Remote WHP design consideration:
• Improve personnel safety due to less frequent platform visits.
• Increase WHP availability
• Minimize existing facilities
• Minimize maintenance intervals. (available intervention – up to 12 months)
• CAPEX and OPEX reduction.

Valser / Yanmar Gas Engine Genset Solutions:

Yanmar based Gas Engine Generator (GEG) is the optimal solution because it meets the production RWHP objectives, where:
• Improves safety due to less frequent visits, reducing boat transfers and helicopter flights by a factor of 10+.
• Supports power requirements of more robust control and utility systems with redundancy available at all critical locations due to the reliable availability of 20kWe per GEG.
• Reduction of the requirement of facilities on RWHP by utilising a tubing-based fuel gas skid with a 2m2 footprint.
• Potential to meet the requirement of minimum six-monthly month planned maintenance.

Valser/Yanmar Gas Engine Genset Advantages:

• Capable of operating up to 10,000 hours between services.
• Engine able to accommodate CO2 up to 25% and 30ppm H2S.
• 20 times more running hours compared to other gas engine generators.
• Hess’ North Malay Basin was successfully installed and is now running successfully on live platforms.
• Proven reliability; Yanmar have produced 300,000+ units.
• Reduction on CAPEX and OPEX.
• Allows simplification and robustness of design.
• Improves safety, CAPEX and OPEX. HESS Malaysia identified cost savings of USD4MM per RWHP over five years over traditional gas/diesel engines.

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