Introduction of VALSER Energy Systems Business Unit


VALSER’s Energy Systems Business Unit provides offshore and onshore oil & gas solutions for:

– Power Systems Products including Gas Engine Generator Sets (range from 8kWe to 4MWe) and Diesel Engine Generator Sets( range from 5kWe to 2MWe). One of our main product include Yanmar Gas Engine which can run for 8,000 to 10,000 hours or up to 12 months continuously before requiring servicing (oil change).

– Process Systems Products including Gas Separation and Processing Package, Oil Systems & Water Treatment Packages including Glycol Dehydration Systems, Condensate Stabilization Package, Sea Water Treatment Systems etc.

Our packages are designed for compact and light weight suitable for limited space and weight requirement especially for offshore platform.

Our services range from Project Management, Engineering Design, Supply, Custom Fabrication & Packaging, Testing and Commissioning. We also provide parts and after sales service for our installed packages.

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